Medina Pediatric Dentistry

Specialized care for infants, children,

adolescents, and special needs.

"Tooth" Talk

We use fun, gentle and kid-informative words to describe dental procedures. The results are the same -- except our young patients are more relaxed. We're not fooling or tricking children. We're simply creating a positive atmosphere to reduce fear and anxiety.

Basic Dental Terms

 The dentist calls it…

 Adults say…

Parents, please say to your child…

Which problems do patients have?


Hole in tooth

You have a sick tooth.
You have sugar bugs in your tooth.


Gum boil, swelling, infection

For little kids: there is “owie” right here

Fractured tooth

Broken tooth

Broken tooth

What dentists do:

Put mouth prop into mouth

Bite block

The dentist puts a tooth chair
Or tooth pillow in your mouth so you can rest your teeth on it.

Give injection

Give shot; use needle; poke;

Squirt some sleepy juice/water next to your tooth

Rubber Dam

Rubber dam

The dentist puts a rain coat around your tooth to keep your face dry.


Knock out

Your tooth turned into an owie and we will get rid of the owie; Wiggle a tooth out;
Remove a sick tooth; Get ready for Tooth Fairy and Big Boy/girl teeth

Prepare the tooth for a filling / cavity preparation


Clean the sugar bugs out of your tooth;
Clean the sick part away

Restoration (filling)


White Star


Sealants; coating of tooth; tooth gets painted

We paint something on your tooth to make your tooth smooth and strong, so the sugar bugs cannot get into it.


Root canal;

Clean sick tooth and give it some medicine

Stainless steel crowns

Crowns; caps

Tooth jewelry
Tooth baseball cap

Make an impression

Make an impression; make a form of the teeth

We have some pudding and make a model of your teeth with it.

Medicines dentists use:

Nitrous oxide


Special air
Special perfume

Nitrous oxide mask

Gas mask

Scuba mask
Airplane pilot mask


Put you under
Put you to sleep

Yummy medicine
Special juice

Local anesthesia (numb)

Novacaine; make you numb

Sleepy juice

Instruments dentists use:


Suction; vacuum


Air / Water syringe

Squirt water / air

Wash and dry the tooth;
Mr. Wind


Instrument; pick

Tooth counter; some of your teeth are itchy and I scratch them with this.



Tooth cleaner

Curing light

Light gun

Tooth hair dryer

Handpiece (high-speed)

Drill, Cut

Mr. Whistle
Super Fast Toothbrush

Handpiece (low-speed)

Drill, Cut

Mr. Bumpy